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When the rain stopped we had a beautiful sunset last nite

Leaving Holmes County Ohio in the rain

Soybean & corn fields

Old plow blade used as DOT sign - we saw a lot...

Nice old brick farm house

A couple of the many farm ponds we saw today

Wind machines in Ohio

Another new state

Big group of silos

We started seeing central pivot irrigation in Indiana

Big Amish community around Shiphawana & Middlebury

Big Amish gathering here

Decorated elks in Elkhart, Indiana

Home for the next few days

We were blessed this morning to get packed up, hitched up & on the road before it rained. We didn't get too far before the rain started but it was mostly just rain showers. This afternoon we started getting sunshine between the rain showers.

Our view thruout the day was cornfields, soybean fields & red & white farm buildings. We were surprised by the number of farm ponds we passed & David surmised that the tiled fields drain into the ponds. We passed a large installation of wind machines in western Ohio & then started to see central pivot irrigation in Indiana.

We left Amish country in Holmes County, Ohio - right? Then why were we starting to see Amish horses & buggies as we neared Elkhart, Indiana? Seems like we had heard that Jayco trailers are "built by the Amish" & that other rv factories in Elkhart employ Amish men. Turns out the third largest Amish community nationwide is in Legrange-Elkhart Counties. This is also the oldest Amish community in the state - founded 1841. In Lagrange County the Amish constitute over 1/3 of the highly rural population. Full-time farming is not common in this settlement - it is highly oriented towards factory work with the majority of Amish household heads finding employment in the local recreation vehicle industry.

As we drove into Elkhart we started noticing decorated elk statues in front of businesses. Another town where we'll be watching for these local decorations.

We arrived safely at Elkhart Campground & got all set up just before the rain started (there was a big clap of thunder just before David finished up). We had heavy rain & more thunder but the storm passed pretty quickly & we were able to take Callie for a nice evening walk.

Tomorrow we're going to take a tour of the Jayco factory. (The Montana factory tours are only Tuesday & Wednesday - we didn't plan this part of our trip quite right.) More later...

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