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Draper, UT - Mountain Shadows RV Park - site 173

Draper, UT - Mountain Shadows RV Park - site 173, another view

Moab to Draper, UT 0 - our route - 258 miles

Moab to Draper, UT 1 - the Colorado River on our left...

Moab to Draper, UT 2 - the sun was bright this morning

Moab to Draper, UT 3 - a campground on the river

Moab to Draper, UT 4

Moab to Draper, UT 5

Moab to Draper, UT 6

Moab to Draper, UT 7 - we have left the Scenic Byway...

Moab to Draper, UT 8

Moab to Draper, UT 9

Moab to Draper, UT 10

Moab to Draper, UT 11

Moab to Draper, UT 12 - teepee on the hill

Moab to Draper, UT 13

Moab to Draper, UT 14

Moab to Draper, UT 15 - lots of action in this stream

Moab to Draper, UT 16 - pretty wildflowers

Moab to Draper, UT 17 - the scenery is getting greener

Moab to Draper, UT 18 - WOW!

Moab to Draper, UT 19 - more snowy mountains as we are...

Moab to Draper, UT 20 - a small wind farm

UT 190 Scenic Byway 1 - some of the mountains surrounding Salt...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 2 - heading up the mountains to Brighton,...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 3 - the snow melting has this stream...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 4 - we are getting up there

UT 190 Scenic Byway 5 - one of the ski slopes at...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 6 - still a lot of snow in...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 7 - one of the homes in Brighton

UT 190 Scenic Byway 8 - one of several ski lifts in...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 9 - the birch trees are just starting...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 10 - starting back down so we see...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 11 - there were a lot of these...

UT 190 Scenic Byway 12 - as well as these

UT 190 Scenic Byway 13 - a waterfall full of snowmelt

UT 190 Scenic Byway 14 - lots of white water

UT 190 Scenic Byway 15 - back in Salt Lake City you...

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Lots of water coming down the mountain

Our trip from Moab to Draper, UT was 258 miles of interesting scenery. We started by taking Utah 128 Scenic Byway which parallels the Colorado River East of Moab for about 40 miles. The scenery was great but our pictures are limited due to us looking into the sun a good bit of the trip. We then got on I-70 for about 40 miles, heading West, before getting off on US 6 and cut the corner, going up and over to I-15 at Provo. We filled the Mothership at Provo to the tune of $300 for 75 gallons of diesel and then arrived in Draper which is about 20 miles South of Salt Lake City.

We are staying at Mountain Shadows RV and Mobile Home Park. We have 50 amps full hookup on a very tight site. I hate side by side hookups. They work great if you are traveling with another RV but you have no privacy if you are by yourself. I had to use the tripod to reach the satellite due to the trees but were able to find the it in time to watch the College World Series. But we still had to wait until Tuesday morning for the Gators to beat Vandy in the winner's bracket since they were rained out in the bottom of the 6th Monday night!

Tuesday we dropped the Mothership off at General RV to get the slide adjusted so it wouldn't drag at the rear and also to have a couple of small hydraulic leaks looked at. We then headed for the Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, also known as the UT 190 Scenic Byway, which runs from Salt Lake City up into the mountains to Solitude and Brighton, UT - both big ski resorts. It was a beautiful drive and was nice to see all of the green after two months in the desert. Don't get me wrong we both enjoyed our time in the desert and the sights at the different canyons are unbelievable, but it still was great to see all of the lush trees and running water today. It was a treat to see all of the snow still left at Brighton. It must really be buried in the winter!

We got back to Salt Lake City and visited the Navy and Marine Corp. Reserve Center to get new IDs since Doris' expires the end of this month. I also got a new one since the current ones omit our SSNs unlike the old ones. We then had lunch at Chuck a Rama back near the campground. Yeah, I know that sounds more like an amusement park than an eatery but it is probably the best buffet place we have ever been and was also a great value. We plan on looking for more of these. We then went back to General RV and waited a couple more hours as they were trying to get the hydraulic system in perfect order. They found a fitting that was cracked too late to get a new one since the other stores had closed. We will take it back tomorrow morning on the way to Logan, UT for them to finish.

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