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We drove beyond Dease Lake & stayed at beautiful Belle II Resort - it's about 60 miles from the nearest town - we loved it.

Sunday Watson Lake, Yukon to ??, British Columbia (BC)

Up ~ 6:30 AM (Pacific Time) PT – had breakfast & drove to the front of the park to get gas & coffee. It’s just slightly overcast (keep telling myself it’s still early)! We slept well, no planes, trains or automobiles. The RV Park is very large & spread out – making it a long way to the shower room (we were at the far side of the park). Gas was $1.21/liter = $72.98 – Coffee was $5.51 for 2 – 10 oz cups! The mosquitoes are pretty bad.

Just a short distance down the road we turned onto the Cassiar Hwy & we entered British Columbia, I THINK we are still on Pacific Time here – boy it sure is hard some days to know where we are & what time it is- I don’t think I’d have a clue what day it was if not for my journal!

Took photos of many pretty lakes & many mountains – but most of the day was w/o photos – not much to see, especially in the construction areas. Missed a great picture of a little pond just after Blue Lake – it was more green than blue – gorgeous – but didn’t have my camera at the ready! One of my favorite little stream names was: Baking Powder Creek – how did that one come about?

Made a quick run thru of Boya Lake Provincial Park – it was a beautiful lake w/several campsites right on the water – the lake was very clear & blue. Very nice! Dease Lake is very large & beautiful, difficult to get photos on the move – there are lots of trees around it – mountains on the other side of the lake – picture perfect! The town originated as a Hudson Bay Company post in 1838. Today it is a gov’t center& supply point for the area. Got gas $1.19/ltr = $61.20.

Could see Mount Edziza (9,143 ft) & its adjunct volcano cinder cone - the glacier, craters & lava flow have created a rugged terrain wilderness not accessible by road. Passed thru British Columbia’s largest huckleberry patch! Missed flooded telegraph cabins visible in Echo Lake.

Stopped for a few minutes at Jade City – so much to look at & so little time (& money)! This is a family-owned business (since 1985), from the mine to the designs of items for sale. The Cassiar Mountain Range supplies 92% of the world jade market. The largest gold nugget found in the area was 73 ounces. They offer a mining museum, picture gallery, FREE coffee, Free RV parking, & Free Jade tours.

Much of the road is narrow, w/soft shoulders (if any), steep drop-offs on each side & no guard rails for the most part. We did see a large semi-truck that had missed a curve & was tipped on its top & side off the road – scary! The road today was a real mixed bag of “treats” – about the first ¼ was loose gravel, but not bad at all – then we hit the road construction: dust, bumps, sways – dirty, dirty, dirty & slow going. We followed a pilot truck for the next ¼ of the way. Finally, we got on paved road & were able to zip right down the hwy for the next ½ of the way. Starting at the N end of the Cassiar Hwy there were some pretty little lakes, but overall it looked a lot like being up north in MI – more big hills tho. About the time we hit the construction area – we were getting into the Cassiar Mtns – beautiful snow capped peaks all around. There were many lakes & mountain streams – beautiful, what we could see thru the dust. There were also several up/down-hill grades at 7-8% - had one hairpin turn that took us to the top of a steep grade & beautiful views. The last ½ of the day we were seeing beauty all around – it was wonderful. Ron had set his Point B for today & every stop seemed to pain him (& his schedule) – so we didn’t stop too many times. I feel bad because he only watches the road – and misses so much of the surroundings.

We are staying at the Bell II Lodge, RV Park & Campground – it is so beautiful, lots of big & little chalets; sauna & massage room in a nice log soddie & the hot tub located in a gazebo over a little stone bridge. The bathroom/shower is large, spotless & free! It felt soooo good to wash all of today’s dust & dirt down the drain & not worry about running out of time. Wish I could drive our little buggy thru a similar wash – it is so dirty, inside & out. I washed the table & stove off before fixing dinner & made mud! Proceeded to wash the dishes, pots & pans, etc. – but the carpet & upholstery will have to wait until we find a car wash/vacuum – uggh! But a really unusual thing happened – the sun is shining brightly & it is about 75 degrees! There is a nice WARM breeze blowing thru the mh – hopefully it will take some dust w/it. We are quite happy w/our parking space tonight! Ron is in the main building watching TV for a bit – reception here is non-existent, could connect to their internet for $11.95 – don’t think so, I’ll wait another nite or so to update my journal.

Our critter count today was very disappointing – again – we started out full of great expectations – a moose & calf in a pond (no photo) & a fox w/brunch in its mouth ran across the road & stopped to stare at us . . . we traveled on being ever watchful – except for a few little squirrels & a “wild” horse – nothing! My eye has been “peeled” looking for critters for several thousand miles now – it’s tired!

For the grandkids:

We have passed over many Continental Divides when driving through the mountains – do you know what that means?

Time on the Road Today: 8 hrs Miles driven today:

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