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Leaving Three Rivers

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Isn't this just all so beautiful?



I just don't know which ones to delete..

This is our campsite tonight.. More about that later

When we were ready to leave Three Forks I went outside and locked the door behind me.. While doing so I heard roosters crowing.. I looked across at the pet walking area and found a bunch of roosters.... That really gives new meaning to a pet walk to

Our plans were to drive right straight to Missoula today but on Face Book we found out that some of our X Montana friends were heading towards us on I-90... Now you notice that I didn’t say X friends but X Montana friends… This is a couple from California that we first met at a the 1st Montana Rally we attended in Nevada five years ago and have been in close contact with ever since… As always happens for different reasons some of the Montana owners have changed to Class A’s… One case is our friends Judy and Glen that have custody of their grandson that is in a wheel chair… As he got older they could no longer lift him up the steps to the bathroom in the Montana and bought a Class A that was on one level and had a bunk bed for him… Once they change from owning a Montana they are now SOB’s on the Montana forum… Now don’t get excited.. It just means that they have Some Other Brand but are not ready to give up the friends that they made when they had the Montana…. Doug and Sharon went so far as to travel from California this spring to the rally in Kerrville, TX and had decals made to go across their Allegro Bus that said Montana…

Face Book is a great way to keep in quick touch with a lot of our friends and we found out that Doug and Sharon were just 66 miles from us and heading for Billings… Well, ½ of 66 is 33 so I suggested we meet at the exit 33 miles from both of us.. That would have been great except there wasn’t anything at that exit… By the time we tried to find them and they tried to find us by going further East and coming back on the freeway, they saw us just getting back on I-90... Thankfully we had an uphill climb and they caught up with us until we could pull off at a rest stop and get out hugs… This is one of the greatest parts of being RV’ers…. They went out of their way at least 40 miles just to say hello….

I’m sure you all remember out friends Smokey and Pam that we have met up with so many times through our full time life… Well it happens that they are work campers at the KOA in Missoula. MT… We knew that we would be going through Missoula and for sure we would go to the place they worked but because of all the troubles we have been going through with health etc, we did not know when we would be arriving… Wouldn’t you just know that we would come on one of the few days that they were off and had gone touristing… When we called them they were 80 miles away at Flathead Lake…. Well that is another of our favorite areas so we just told them to have a great time and we would catch up with them when they got home…. They came over as soon as they returned and we got hugs from them and handshakes from two of our favorite dogs… The dogs were exhausted after spending the day swimming in the lake…. They slept all day and a long way into the next morning….

Pam hadn’t expected a full house so we didn’t have reservations and they only had a sight for one night for us… We spent as much time with Smokey and Pam as possible, going out to breakfast and gabbing after until the 1:00 check out time but since they both had to go to work at 3:00 until 11PM we did not think it was worth it to move to another sight only to leave in the early morning… We said our good-byes and continued on our journey… I have tears in my eyes when I say this because we really love these guys but know that we will see them again before long…

Getting back to our travels, ever since we left Three Forks we have been traveling in some of the most beautiful part of Montana as far as I am concerned,,, Correction,,, That is along the Interstate.. There is no way that I can say this is more beautiful than Glacier or many other destinations but I am talking about just cruising along the highway and watching out the window…. The Clark Fork River runs back and forth across the highway and the mountains have changed from snow topped to huge pine trees… The last time we were here was in 2005 when all of the mountains were on fire and we had to be escorted by the police thru much of the area… You can find that on our Beginning blog way back in June/July 2005... I took a lot of pictures to show the difference today… Everything is so green…..

Ok…. Writing down these dates brought back a lot of memories… I almost forgot but it was our fifth anniversery on Thursday since we started our full timing life style… Wow… Where did that time go? And why didn’t we start sooner?

I hope you continue to share out 6th year on the road with us…..

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