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Brazil side

Brazil Side

Brazil side again

on top of the falls Brazil side

Georgie in Argy side

Argy side

Boat trip (before we got soaked!)

Devil's Throat from above

JB Argy side

Argy side

Following a gruelling 14 hour drive we arrived in Foz de Iguaca in the dead of night and camped about 10 minutes away from the legendary falls. Iguaca falls consists of 275 seperate waterfalls and is 3km wide, covering both Brazilian and Argentinian land. It is fed by Rio Iguaca which is 12,000 km long. We visited the Brazilian side first of all and literally spent the whole day exploring. You can hear the falls long before you can see them and our fist view was from about 1km away and it literally blew us away but little did we know that even better was yet to come.

There are a number of viewing platforms along the way where you can see both sides of the falls and at the end you can walk half way out into the river, on a platform to see the start of them. Following our previous camera incidents, we fortunately had that well hidden away because you get absolutely soaked from the spray of the falls. You can then get a glass fronted elevator, high above the falls to give a pretty awesome birds eye view of the Brazil side.

The following day we went to the Argy side which we foolishly believed we had got a good view of from the Brazillian side, but how wrong we were. Again there are a number of viewing platforms along the river with rainforest walks inbetween. We started the trip with a speedboat ride actually into the base of the falls – you literally are sped into the falls at high speeds – great fun but certainly no photo opportunity because we ended up wetter than the day before.

The trail takes you, via a train ride, to the start of the falls of the Argy side which is called Garganta del Diablo (The devils throat) and which consists of 14 seperate falls ,which combine to forms the worlds most powerful waterfall in terms of volume of water flow/second. Nothing could have prepared us for this, Blown away? – I nearly died! It was absolutely bloody mesmerising, we both agree that neither of us has ever seen such an utterly amazing sight, it’s hard to describe just how incredible it was but suffice to say I got my waterfall fix!

My only regret is that I may have peaked too soon in life for ticking off awesome waterfalls – it’s sad to think that the best is now done and yes there is Niagra and Vic falls left but having spoken to several people since and who have seen all three – apparently we shouldn’t even bother with the others because Iguaca trumps all and really is the legend of all falls!

(JB Note: It also featured in the James Bond film, Moonraker, so for ticking off another classic location, jingle bells! Awesome spectacle, we both agree it’s the biggest one we’ve ever seen. Waterfall, that is...)

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