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our day 16 fri oct., 2, day 2 on rt66 - (today we visited, joliet, gardener, dwight, odell, ending but not seeing pontiac, ill., on the 6's) from now on you'll see some of the old things left on route 66 that we can find - and you'll see photos shot from our truck as we see them of the actual road itself... we are following the route that many followed in our life time of 40s/50s/60s etc. today was a rainy day again giving bad dark an not sharp photos - we have a long way to go and i may have taken on more then this old man should have. it is a very difficult and frustrating road to follow even with maps, there is a lot of back tracking and so far in ill., camping or FINDING a campsite is also very difficult, the north to south roads in the USA are NOT camp friendly, again, we have to back track to camp...and the rain isn't helping matters either. there are many "maps out the window" also... with a lot of "give me plane money backs", tight quarters, missed icons, wrong directions and misunderstandings leads to many, many bad looks/words, and we're just starting... if you know what i mean!

click below to see our 2nd day on the 6's


ron & bebe

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