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Sex with me won’t cure AIDS

Imagine a big poster/billboard placed on the road picturing a child with the words written above:

Sex with me won’t cure AIDS

You might wonder what the hell kind of a poster that is. Truth be told, for some Africans it is logical to hold the view that if you have sex with a virgin you will be cured of AIDS - and what better way to ensure you are with a virgin than to rape a child. Gang rape of a child is also too common. To most people it would follow that the second, third and forth person involved in a gang rape would no longer be fucking a virgin. But you would never even think of or want to reason with people who are able to conduct such repulsive acts, because truth is that these horrible things should just never happen whether it is a rape or a gang rape. A large applause for the government of Zambia for trying to change such views through education.

Sadly it is common to hear of misinformation – sometimes (most times) uttered by local priests or even government representatives – that will lead, if followed, to the downfall, sickness or death of locals. Luckily many people here know better.

Sometimes you wonder: Do we in the western world have such disbelieves that we are not aware of because our logic only stretches so far….

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