2008 Ashore...but not for long travel blog


Cute couple?

Bill enjoying a Kalik

Great Guana

Dingy in tow

Favorite reading perch

Last glass standing

Our Saturday in Marsh Harbour passed quickly and early on Sunday morning, with the dinghy in tow, we headed across to Great Guana and the famous watering hole..Nippers. The day was perfect and we heard that the place would be having a pig roast. Curiously, the pig roast at Pete’s Pub that we missed by a tide cycle, turned out to be a bust. The pig didn’t arrive. Despite this little logistical slip, we heard that Pete made up for it with lots to drink. We arrived at Dive Guana in Fisher’s Bay before noon and were soon headed off to the popular spot. Now in times past, Nippers has been like the set of “girls gone wild”. But from the looks of the gathering crowd, this would be a day for the old folks and their grandchildren. But after all, that is who we are.

The internet and telephones were marginal, but the roast pig and fixings superb. Bill found some discounted Cuban cigars and Jean splurged on a pair of official Nippers shorts. As the sun began to drop into the ocean, we were treated to a couple of dirty-dancing old men and girls that could well have been their grand-daughters. Loud music, hot sun and a few too many of those rum-goodies seems to affect even the most up-standing of our citizenry. More power to them. We think the girls were working for the establishment and the old geezers probably were too. It did get a few more folks onto the dance floor.

Any time that we have a couple of days of great weather, our thoughts turn to moving on. In bad weather we stay put. For that reason we returned to the mooring before dark to plan the next move. To review, we have spent six weeks in the Bahamas on a counterclockwise turn. Entering thru Bimini, Andros was the waiting station for Nassau and the family Christmas gathering at Atlantis. Once that commitment was complete we headed down the Exuma chain as far as George Town. Then it was Long, Cat and Eleuthera to complete the central tour. Crossing to the lower Abacos less than a week ago, we returned to the cruising ground of our first two winters in these parts. The Abacos are very user friendly and we have been blessed with near perfect weather. Which brings us back to the reason that we are contemplating a recrossing to Florida before the weekend.

And the weather is not the only factor in the decision. We are flat out of wine. Both red (Bills) and white (Jeans) have run dry. And, to make matters even worse, the eight wine glasses that we started with have been reduced to just one (Bills), thru mishap, heavy weather, or both. The other factor, is the afore-mentioned grandkids. We have twin boys that have not yet been held and grandma is getting a little unhappy. The sooner we get her back to Arlington for a visit, the better. We also just learned that Wende’s husband Lee, a Naval Reserve Commander, has just been called to active duty for a year. For all these reasons we think the time has come to head back to Boca Chica to recover the truck and return to a cold and snowy north.

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