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This moose decided to pose for us

Today we are heading to Corner Brook to have a new set of sprockets, a chain and a rear tire installed. The chain and sprockets were installed in Victoria, BC and have have roughly 12,000 km on them. The rear tire has about 9,500 km on it. We could probably stretch a few more km out of them but it could also be quite a distance to the next motorcycle shop.

It was already warmer than yesterday but still overcast. The trip to Cornerbrook will entail backtracking over familiar ground so we did not spend any time stopping to sight-see. By the time we reached Corner Brook the sun had emerged and it was quite warm, a pleasant sensation we had not felt for some time.

Even though we did not have an appointment the guys at Scott's Motorsports in Corner Brook found a way to fit us in. We dropped off the bike, went for lunch, then took a walk around the downtown area and use the opportunity to both get hair cuts..

Downtown Corner Brook is sorely in need of revitalization. Many of the buildings are somewhat delapidated and several stores are vacant. There are two mall in the downtown area and both are about half empty. It is very depressing and we found the people we encountered the same way.

There was a small mix-up with the sprockets; they only changed the rear sprocket initially, not realizing the drive sprocket was also in the box. Once we found the second sprocket they quickly finished the job and we were soon back on the road.

We decided to get out of Corner Brook so we headed back up the TransCanad to Pasadena, just north of Corner Brook and found an old cabin for the night. It looked like it was built in the 1940's and last renovated in the early 70's but it was cheap, available and served our purposed overnight.

The goal for the day was to get the bike maintenance done; mission accomplished. The bonus was we also got the hair cuts we had been putting off for quite some time. It always seems like a shame to take time out to do such mundane things as haircuts when we have so much to see and do.

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