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Chetan And Amrita Kapoor

Anil, Aadhar And Aatmaj Kapoor

Anil, Aatmaj And Ajay Kapoor

Anil And Vicki With Chetan And Amrita



Chetan is the older of the two sons of Anil's eldest brother Arun. He is also the brother of Puneet, the nephew whose marriage we attended last month in Lonavla. This was my first time to Delhi since Chetan and Amrita were married in Patna in 1998. Since that time, they have had two sons - Aatmaj is already four years old and in July they welcomed their second son, Aadhar.

They recently moved to a home in Gurgaon - a suburb of Delhi. We visited them on Sunday afternoon as Chetan was preparing to leave for a three-day retreat with his fellow company employees.

It was great to spend some time getting to know Amrita better and to see Chetan interacting with his children. I have not always had the opportunity to see Chetan during my visits to India over the years so it is a bit strange to see him as the family man he has become. Aatmaj reminds us so much of Chetan when he was small and we had come to Patna for our wedding in 1974.

We said our goodbyes to Chetan and Amrita and promised that we would see them again when we are back in Delhi in the spring.


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