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Regina's House

Garden in Front of Regina's House


This morning I did last-minute laundry and then headed out to run errands. First, I went to CompUSA to leave my Olympus digital camera for repairs -- to the tune of $205. I debated whether to even have it repaired at all but decided that it might be useful to have a backup in case of problems with the new FujiFilm camera which I had bought in Lacey, Washington.

Then I headed to Discount Tire Store to see what kind of deal I could get for the ruined Michelin tires. They refunded nearly $360 as road hazard adjustments for the two tires which had been ruined due to unavoidable potholes in the highway. At least that helps a little.

After that I headed up north of Austin to Liberty Hill where I will be parked at Regina's house until we leave on our little trip to the Valley.


After lunch today Regina took me around to several RV parks in Liberty Hill and Georgetown so I would know which ones would be suitable for me to live in. We saw two new ones in Georgetown that are very nice but both are outside town and not close to any stores. I'd need to rent a car if I stay there. Both these parks have free WiFi service and one of them even has free laundry facilities and an exercise room.

I'm still hoping to get back into an RV park in Austin, though, because there is such good public transportation and I don't need a car. I called Edna, the manager at Mobile Manor where I lived in the HitchHiker. She said she will call me if a vacancy occurs. I'm also on the waiting list at Pecan Grove RV Park just down the street from Mobile Manor.

Regina invited me to have dinner with her and Stuart tonight. She made a wonderful dinner of chicken breast with sautéed onions and mushrooms. She also served steamed vegetables, a green salad and ice cream. What a feast!

After dinner we watched the Texas Tech - University of Texas football game. It was a close one and the poor Red Raiders were "raided" by the Longhorns. Boo hoo!


This morning Regina lent me her car to drive to church. I attended a little Baptist church in Liberty Hill. The people were friendly and the pastor taught a good lesson on the three principles of life, based on the biblical story of the Good Samaritan: 1. What is yours is mine and I want it (illustrated by the robbers who beat up the traveler, stole everything he had and left him for dead). 2. What is mine is mine and I will keep it (illustrated by the two religious leaders who could have helped the victim of the robbery but did not). 3. What is mine is yours and I am willing to share it with you (illustrated by the Samaritan traveler who stopped to help the victim).

This afternoon Regina and Stuart went to a birthday party for Stuart's granddaughter who turned 16 today.


I didn't do much on these days, except relax and read. It has been a long time since I've had time -- or maybe I should say "since I've taken time" -- to read.

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