Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog


Showing off its 3 metre wingspan

Close up

Flying away

Arrived at Dunedin and found a nice little campsite to set up in. Dunedin is Celtic for Edinburgh and the city itself very charming and quite quaint set on the Otago harbour.

In the afternoon we went albatross spotting on the Otago Peninsula, situated there is the only mainland nesting site of the Royal albatross in the world.

We spent a few minutes looking for the 'tross wondering if we had seen it because we wasn't sure what it looked like. But then this bloody great big huge bird took flight and swooped above our heads and we realised it is very obvious indeed to spot an albatross due the sheer size of it amongst the seagulls.

After 15 minutes admiring the albatross we (Helen in fact!) decided we should go and find the yellow-eyed penguin colony that was mentioned in the lonely planet. We drove to a ropey looking farmers road well off the beaten track and hiked for an hour through sheep fields (and sheep shit) and gorse bush up to a sand bank in the wind and rain to find.........Absolutely nothing - not a sausage! Not the best walk we have undertaken it has to be said!

Bought pizza and beer that night as a treat for a rain soaked walk - so it was worth the walk in the end!!

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