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Anna and I before the opera (in our NEW italian black dresses!)

Anna and i before the opera

Anna, Cal, me, and Anne all in black at the opera

Sarah, me, and Anna

Jordan and Anna

Anna and I at Harry Potter 4!

A mixture of excitement, fear and sadness abounds among the CAPA group here in Florence. As our last week quickly approaches, we are all excited to get home to our friends and family, but at the same time wish we never had to leave. We will scramble to spend these last few days as meaningfully as possible, and undoubtedly the end will come before any of us even realize it. We have enjoyed our time here more than most of us could have possibly imagined, and made better lifelong friends than I think any of us ever expected. There is no chance that I will be able to stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks as I leave my newfound home, my incredible roommates and all of the friends I have made and experiences I have had along the way. But don't worry, gang, because Minnesota is not so far away!

Okay, no more sentimental bullshit. We're all just feeling a little emotional these days. Anyway, we went to the opera on Thursday night. We saw "La Traviata," which is similar to the story of Romeo & Juliet or West Side Story (sort of). most of us, however, could not actually tell you how it ended because we were all so bored and hungry by the second intermission that we left to find a pizzeria. We dad, however all look very cute! So here are some pics (I also included some random ones from the last week)...

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