We love this big old oak tree

nice decorations

nice decorations

nice decorations



inside the Activity Center

first things first, feed the deer

Hi there, Big Boy


Dave hand feeding the deer, carefully.

another moocher right on the door steps

doves look like ornaments


duck and deer moochin....

the duck parade

In search of the lake, at the end of the road

used to be able to see it from here.

ah ha, there it is, way down there.

standing near the waters edge we look up to where it used...

water used to cover from us to those homes, now you can...

our setup

our setup

planters on the table, away from the deer, and lots o lites

see Peter the rabbit out there, he's a big one.

squirrels get the left overs and don't mind hooves, just be careful

The 188 mile drive from Lake Amistad to Thousand Trails (TTN) Medina Lake, northwest of San Antonio, was easy and beautiful as it is through the countryside, no freeways, just the way we like it. Lake Amistad provided many hours of enjoyment, it is a place we’ll return to when we want to catch some bass. Coming to TTN Medina Lake is like coming home. We really like this little place, it’s got a country atmosphere. Before making the last turn into the area where the preserve is located, there's a feed store, it's becoming a tradition to stop and get deer corn. This time rather than make several trips to this store we just bought 6 @ 50lb bags. Hopefully that'll last a couple weeks anyway. This is the second time we’ve spent Christmas and New Years here. This is a big preserve with 387 spaces and almost 300 acres of land there’s room to walk and see much wildlife. Although this time we haven’t run into any past acquaintances, we have enjoyed the many deer, squirrel, ducks and a few rabbits. Our plans for the three weeks we’ll be here is to see some of the outlying towns and drive a few of the scenic byway routes. When we arrived, the first thing we noticed was the water level of the lake is WAY down, by our estimation about 60 ft down. when we were here two years ago the lake was very full, near it's maximum. it's sad to see the lake so low, so we inquired as to the "why" of it. It seems the dam is privately owned by a group of property owners and investors who haven't maintained the dam and won't/can't afford to repair the gates, so they have opened them to let the river flow through. Consequently all the other property owners with beautiful homes on the water front and us have no lake. It's a mere puddle of its former self. Remember last May, we installed our old Sony surround sound system? Well, the old system couldn't take it anymore so it broke. The on/off push button was finiky, so rather than mess with it anymore we went and bought a NEW Sony surround sound and installed it. The sound is beautiful and its looks match the black of the new HDTV we installed a few months ago. When we replace things like the stereo we put the old one out on the front of the site for others to consider taking, sure enough a guy with some electronic knowledge came by and snatched it up. If we can we like to give things a second life, rather than just throwing it away.

NOTE: We found it amusing to discover that recently a day went by when no one checked into our BLOG! It just so happens to be ONLY the second day EVER since we starting writing that we didn't have any visits. For your info, we get between 250 and 500 visits to our BLOG per month! Our highest visit day was a 39 visit day last Oct. We thank you for checking in on us often and we do ,indeed, hope sincerely, you get some joy from us.

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