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Last night we had thunder and lighting and heavy rain. When we got up the rain was down to a drizzle. Linda said we could set it out a day which normally would have been Ok. But we were in the woods and I didn,t have satellite tv so I was ready to go. Even if it meant going just a little ways to another campground. Once we got going it wasn't to bad.

Then it happened we were on I40 going through Memphis Tennessee. I noticed a drag on the truck engine but I didn't see anything in the mirrors. About that time a trucker pulled up beside me and blew his horn and pointed to the back of the trailer. I new what the problem was then. We got off the road at the end of an entrance ramp to expressway. Then it started to rain again hard. Normally I would just lift the trailer tires off the ground using the manual mode of the automatic levelers. We were on a slight incline and after I drug some small boards out and backed the good tire up on them I finally got it off the ground just enough to change it. This sounds alot easier than it was it took alot of experimenting.

We have had Good Sam road service for 5 Years. I had never called them tell this time becuase I didn't think I was going to get it off the ground. I called them and 40 minutes later they call and say they can not get anyone to come. They ask if I want them to keep trying and I said yes becuase I still wasn't sure I could get it off and on. I told her to call me back before they sent anyone becuase I had got it off the ground. So 30 minutes later she calls and said she found someone but it would take them at least an hour or more before they could get their. I told her I had got it done and cancel it.

Did I mention that it rained off and on the whole time. Sometimes I would get in the truck during cats and dogs rain. The times that we were in the truck we put our seat belts on becuase I new some was going to hit us or side swipe merging onto I40. People would fly down the ramp thinking someone would let them in. Instead of slowing down they would speed up traffic was terrible.

I owe a special thank's to a young man that stopped to help me. Thankfully I had it changed. He said that he had been by twice and I was still their so he went back to his shop to get a jack. I would also like to thank the truckers out there for watching out for us. This time we had one pull over but I was about done. Another time we had one stop behind us and put his flashers on so people would move over.

Did I mention that's the 4th tire I have changed. Two of them were from a Pin hole in the rim. The next one I should have knew better and went ahead and put a new tire on ,my fought. This tire was 10 month's old and didn't have 4000 miles on it. Who know's but that's life on the road

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