Tropic Winds entrance

Sue is attending the gate this afternoon

the main activity bldg, it's very big

they honor two countries and texas here.

inside the main hall, church, musical events, dancing and other fun goes...

8 a.m. water excercices begin, be there!

shuffle board is VERY popular here.

get your putt inshape

even radio controlled car hobbyists get their space with this track

horseshoes anyone?

our street

our space, #438

our patio

is comfy

Space 215, we'll come back to it Feb 22 when we leave...

We had to stay over at Medina Lake for an extra day waiting for a FEDEX package. In all, we had an unprecedented 5 packages delivered in three days. But the last one, vitamins from Tri Vita Company just took extra long to get to us. Nonetheless, when the package arrived we departed one hour later (12:30 p.m.) for Harlingen, a 290 mile drive due south. Arriving just as it was getting dark, we found our space and settled in. When we awoke in the morning we quickly got out for a walk around this beautiful resort. This is our first time in this area so we have much to discover. It is tropical here, with palm trees and moist air, just like Palm Springs, CA or Miami, FL and only about 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. On the touring dockit are: a trip or two to cross the border into Mexico, National Birding Centers, San Padre Island. We're also hoping that the effects of the "cedar fever" from Medina Lake will make a hasty retreat from Rebecca soon. Poor baby has been suffering quietly for 3 weeks. Here’s a few pictures of the resort. The picture of space 215 is where we will park it when we come back here next month after our stops in Corpus Christi and Rockport. We have many “rules of thumb” we travel by, one of which is, if you stay for a month the best price is anything less than $400. This resort, has a special for us Thousand Trails members for $299 a month. As we write this, we’ve already committed to 2 months extra, when we return from Rockport. With so many activities in the resort and outside we figured, “Why go anywhere else”.

We want to acknowledge the birthdays of Bambi (Jan 10th) our faithful traveling girl, she’s 8 years old and Jill (Jan 12th) our 2004 Presidential she is 6. Jill has been been very faithful by providing shelter, warmth and not breaking down in any large way.

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