Don't miss this park and lighthouse if you are in the area...


The walk to the lighthouse with outstanding views..

The lighthouse is located right next to the Mighty Mac Bridge...

Beautiful picnic and sitting area by the lake...



We got another stamp in our book...:-)









Don't miss this one, it's awesome!


Last one!

This update covers our visit to the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse. This is one of my favorite lighthouses in this area. A point in the storm and a guiding beacon since 1889, Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse helped passing ships navigate through the treacherous waters of the Straits of Mackinac. Shipwrecks of the Straits, make this “Castle of the Straits” a true gem of the Great Lakes.

You will see outstanding views while visiting this lighthouse. Jerry and I enjoyed just sitting and looking. We got our stamp in the book and just enjoyed being in the area. I am pasting the description below from their website, I couldn’t say it any better. :-)

This is a setting that has inspired generations. With its impressive buff-colored brick walls, large square tower topped with battlements, and elegant fourth order Fresnel lens, this lighthouse-built in 1892-is a source for inspiration.

Surrounding it is a beautifully landscaped lawn dotted with vibrant pine trees and the refurbished fog signal station and barn. And then there’s the backdrop: Sparkling beach sand, the majestic Straits of Mackinac, and the magnificent Mackinac Bridge, acting as a vista connecting the past, present, and future.

Climb the tower and breathe in the spectacular view as generations of lighthouse keepers did before you. Step inside the lighthouse, and hear the Victrola play pre-World War I tunes in a period-styled sitting room. Explore nighttime navigation and Great Lakes’ shipwrecks. Interact with hands-on exhibits. Ask questions. Immerse yourself. Inside this stately structure, it’s always 1910, so welcome and discover.

We didn’t have time to go inside today, we got there too late for the tours. This one will be on our “to do” list of tours for our next visit. Our time is almost up for this area, we have enjoyed every minute of it.

I am adding a lot of pictures of this one and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more.

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