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Carpes at our RoVer's Roost leased lot

Tue, 09 Oct: Final leg...

Today's 73 mile drive might be the final segment of 2018. We're not yet sure if we'll put on new front tires this year or wait until spring. Our inclination is to wait till spring, but who knows???

Our service at the Tolleson Freightliner dealer went well. Nothing of any consequence was found so our total included "routine" expenses, such as $175 for an air filter (plus two hours labor to install), 28 quarts of synthetic engine oil, etc., etc., etc.

We awoke early this morning due mostly to the din of a major truck repair facility waking up for the day. Big rigs make a lot of noise, and the mechanics arriving on their Harleys only added to the cacophony.

After breakfast, getting ready for the road, connecting the car, and going thru our checklists we managed to pull out of the Freightliner dealer about 0915. We drove south on 99th street to Broadway which we took east to 51st street. South on 51st, which becomes the Beltline Hwy to AZ 347 south into Maricopa.

We were supposed to turn left onto Maricopa Highway, but we both missed the turn which resulted in some sphincter-tightening twists and turns to get us back to rights again. Eventually we were on Maricopa Hwy, which we took south into Casa Grande and eventually to the EZ Stop fuel station where we topped up Carpe's diesel tank with 69 gallons of fuel. We also added fuel stabilizer.

From the fuel station it was only seven miles to our "home park", RoVer's Roost. We arrived around 1135 only to find a trailer on our site. The new management "goofed" regarding our arrival date. The folks on our site, who had just settled in, had to move to another site. We felt bad for them.

While waiting for our site to open we topped up our internal propane tank and filled our 30# portable tank. Once all the dust settled it was almost one before we got around to lunch.

Our plans at this juncture are very much unknown. We have a cruise booked in December that'll leave from Los Angeles, but other than that there are no definite plans. We have all winter to decide what lies ahead. Meanwhile, we're comfy here and will take each day as it dawns.

Should any events of significance occur we'll update this Journal. So, check back when you think of us...

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