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Moroccan Camel Driver Shopping for Magic Carpet (a.k.a. Brian Brandenburg)

Volunteers Erin, Teresa, Tom and Steve

Moroccan Meal

Today at noon all our current volunteers (Teresa, Janne, Steve, Erin, Tom, Debby and Chick) served a Moroccan meal to the residents as a celebration of thanks for time together. Such nice people!!

Instead of going through the serving line as usual, we were asked to take our seats at the tables so the volunteers could bring our food to us. They were dressed in Moroccan style clothing (or at least as close as they could come). The menu included sweet and savory Moroccan chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and carrots, couscous, broccoli salad and Moroccan orange cake – all prepared by the CARE kitchen staff. Everything was all delicious.

At the beginning, a Moroccan camel driver (a.k.a. Brian Brandenburg) barged in, asking if we had any magic carpets for sale. He was in a hurry and needed a faster mode of travel than a camel to get back home.

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