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The town square

Inside the mill


We drove to Helen, Georgia today. It is a pretty little German town about an hour’s drive from Hartwell. The countryside is really pretty, with large trees, fields and horse farms. The entry into Helen follows a stream with an old fashioned grist mill on the outskirts of town. In town, there were many interesting gift shops and several good restaurants and taverns. We stopped at a little bar on the town square for beer and wine, then drove out to another place for more beer and wine of course, as well as some really good pizza. I wanted to get some pictures of the grist mill as well as to get some stone ground cornmeal, so we all walked across the highway. Inside, I handed Don a bag of cornmeal to hold while I took some pictures. When ready to check out, he had 3 bags of stuff in his hands, having picked up some pancake mix and porridge while waiting for me.

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