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Big nasty lizzard, or wannabe Komodo Varan...

Wrestling a goat to the ground

Carla swinging the lasso

Succes! Sorry about the dirt on the lens

Night in the outback

Typical scenery on the road

"Dingo" our crazy driver playing around with a dead poisonous snake...

It even looks dead

That's better :-)

Sailing on "Siska" in the White Sundays

Happy happy happy

Looking good

Nice waves and fair wind

We are RACING the other maxi "Condor" it's awesome!

Tacking towards us

Side by side

White sand everywhere

Whitehaven Beach (very famous)

Lazy bastards

Me in a stinger suit on Whitehaven Beach with "Siska" in the...

Whitehaven Beach

The Captain

Arlie beach by night

Palm tree in the dark

Night Sky over Arlie Beach

Hey :-)

This entry is about the trip to Kroombit and Arlie Beach.

Kroombit- an inland farm station. Very very dusty and very remote.. We arrived after about 6-7 hours of travelling on crap roads, the roads in Australia are generally in very bad condition and not at all as good as in New Zealand, so forget the motorbike if you are keen on Australia..

The accommodation at the farm station was surprisingly good. We even had air condition! I saw a lot of Kakadu parrots, they are very pretty with their white and yellow feathers and quite noisy too, see Kakadus here


At the farm station, I keep wanting to write Cattle Station - but there was no cattle -, we had a go with a real whip and lasso, and best of all goat wrestling. Yep, I and a few others of course, captured goats with our bare hands and wrestled them to the ground. THAT was FUN!

Next day we had the longest leg of the bus journey, oh I hate that bus, we drove for no less than 11,5 hours to get to Arlie Beach the access point to the Whitsundays... Long trip.

I checked in at Beaches again after the good experience in Harvey Bay, and then went to check in at the Southern Cross Sailing office.

Next morning I was picked up at 6.30 by a courtesy shuttle and driven to the marina to board the maxi sailing boat "Siska" for a two days - one night sailing adventure around the Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven Beach. Ohh that was a cool experience, and one of the "must-do" thing of the east-coast of Australia. The sailing was awesome, even though we could have used a bit more wind. We made snorkeling stops both days and saw tons of fish and corals. Good stuff.

That was pretty much it, so be sure to see all the good photos from the Whitsundays.

Next entry is about Magnetic Island.

See you soon!


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