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Boondocking at Anthony (TX) Camping World

East of Lordsburg we encountered snow flurries

It didn't stick on the road but the desert got a dusting

Outside air temp was a chilling 34°F

Carpe's front cap accumulated some snow

Crossing the Continental Divide on I 10

Entering Texas on I 10

Thu, 07 Dec: A cold one...

We got cold overnite. The temperature in Lordsburg dropped to the low forties and it got a tad chilly inside the coach. We threw some extra blankets on the bed and were snug and toasty in our cocoon. Getting up for our inevitable "midnite potty run" wasn't very pleasant tho...

We turned on the bedroom furnace about 0500 and by the time we got out of bed it was tolerable. The salon, however, was another matter. When we exited our bedroom it was 46°F in the salon. Turning on the front furnace helped with that. The wind was blowing so our outside chores were "bracing". What the heck is this? Global cooling???

We fed ourselves, went thru our checklists, and rolled wheels a few minutes after nine. Bob re-entered I 10 east and within a few miles our cold temps were augmented with snow flurries. We had snow in varying amounts most of the way. Fortunately, the roads were warm enough to preclude accumulation so on we went. Oh yeah, not to forget the 20-35 mph winds right on our nose.

We made it thru Deming NM and Las Cruces NM with no problem. A minute before noon we pulled into the Anthony TX Camping World where we quickly set up for the nite and warmed up lunch. Anthony is just west of El Paso which safely navigating will be tomorrow's morning challenge. Bob's turn to drive...

Today's drive was a short 147 miles. Our headwinds adversely affected our fuel economy, yielding a paltry 7⅔ mpg.

Temps tonite are forecast to be in the low twenties so we already extracted our heavy comforter from storage. Sounds exciting...

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