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Carpe Diem at Lakeside RV park

Crossing the Missouri River and into Nebraska

Interstate 80 in Omaha

"Freeway Art" in Omaha

Carpe heads for a fill-up

Bob slakes Carpe's thirst

Whimsical water tower at coffee roasting plant

At York we leave I 80 for US 81

US 81 is a very nice Federal Highway

Entering Kansas on US 81

US 81 in Kansas

Suck it in...

Carpe Dinkum wears a coat of dust
The 1⅓ mile dirt road was...

Thu, 28 Jul: Another road day...

We're in road mode, which means we sorta get up whenever, eat, get ready for the road, and hit the road. This morning was no exception.

After a restful nite at Arrowhead County Park we rolled wheels at 0800. It was a relatively short distance back to I 80 and some twenty miles later we crossed the Missouri River and entered Nebraska at Omaha. I 80 skirts south of the city, but was busy enough to keep Bob on his toes, but not busy enough to slow things down.

West of Omaha we stopped at a Pilot/Flying J and added 62 gallons of diesel to Carpe's tank, our first fuel stop since early July in Forest City. We were able to pull right up to an available pump so we were in and out in fewer than twenty minutes.

Back on I 80 we continued west to York where we left the interstate and took Federal 81 south. US 81 is a nice divided highway that bypasses most of the towns it serves. A dozen miles north of the Kansas border we stopped for lunch at a truck stop and were back on the road within thirty minutes.

The road in Kansas is just as fine as in Nebraska with the exception of Belleville Kansas. The highway does not bypass Belleville and it has oodles of red lites. North of Salina US 81 becomes an interstate (I 135) which included some construction that had Bob gripping the wheel. About this time Sandi noted that the refrigerator wasn't working, yet another thrill and chill on the RV road.

A dozen miles south of Salina we exited the interstate and navigated six miles of local roads to the Lakeside RV park. The last 1⅓ miles was on a washboard dirt road that not only shook us up but covered both the coach and the car in a layer of dust. This is a Passport America 50% discount park where we're parked alongside a small lake with 50 ampere power (it is in the high eighties so the air conditioning is most welcome).

Today's drive was 283 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅝ mpg. Oh yeah, the fridge is working again once we reset a tripped safety circuit.

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