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Camping at Martha's Lake

Yellow Headed Blackbird

Black Crowned Night Heron

Coming in for a landing

Marsh Wren

Female Yellow Headed Blackbird

Gopher Snake, blending in with the gravel

Gopher snake..OK close enough!

Entering Washington!

The Columbia River

We passed many orchards in Eastern Washington

After touring Pendleton, we hooked the trailer back up and drove into Washington. Hard to believe that with wintering over in Oregon, that we have been there for five months, longer than we had been on the road. We found a National Wildlife Refuge Complex office just over the border in Burbank Washington, and I had a nice visit with one of the refuge managers there from the Hanford Refuge. I collected stamps from eight refuges that they oversee there.

We drove past the Hanford Nuclear plant where Mike had done some work in the past. He did not miss it. We drove over the Columbia River several times, all while remaining in Washington. We finally stopped at a small Washington State Wildlife Management Area called Martha’s Lake, by George, Washington. (George Washington, by George…hahaha!) Martha’s Lake was amazing. We were allowed to camp for free up to three days, though we only stayed the night. The small lake was surrounded by cattails that were very noisy from all the Yellow Headed Blackbirds. They make a very strange noise! There was also a small island there that had some nesting cormorants and black crowned night herons. The squawks from them and the blackbirds was fun for me to listen to but it drove Mike crazy. A few fisherman had come and gone in the evening but we pretty much had the place to ourselves. In the morning I did a geocache near the entrance, a quarter mile down the road. Took me awhile but I finally found it, then realized I needed a tool to extract it, so walked to the camper and back, then I had lost my pen, so walked to the camper and back again, finally was able to retrieve it and sign the log. On the way back to the camper the last time, Sticky found a snake. Fortunately it was a Gopher Snake and not a rattler. It sure blended into the gravel and I wondered how many times I had walked past it without even seeing it. Sticky made it angry and it hissed and shook its tail. Fun! Both the snake and dog were fine so don’t worry.

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