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Carpes at Stallbaumer RV park in Seneca

US 36 crosses I 29 near St. Joseph, MO

Hard(ly) working Missouri road crew in St. Joseph
Eight, yes eight! Some not...

Today we put the Missouri River in the rear view mirrors

We think we're in Kansas now Dorothy...

US 36 in eastern Kansas

North Street (US 36) in Seneca Kansas

We arrive at our campground a bit after two.

Mon, 25 Aug: Continuing west at a relaxing pace...

Another day on the road, our third in a row. We're beginning to get the hang of these road days, and enjoying the routine. We traveled just shy of two hundred miles today with about seven hundred left to go by Friday. Two hundred is a nice laid back pace.

We didn't get out of bed until after seven, late for us. Tea, then breakfast, then get the coach and everything in and around it ready for the road. We needed to dump the holding tanks and put some potable water in the fresh water tank, so we drove to the dump station to get those chores taken care of. While the fresh water was flowing in we connected the car. Even with our late awakening and the dump/fill chores we still managed to roll wheels at 0850. Not too bad...

Once out of the Long Branch State Park we pulled on to US 36 west and let the miles roll. Even tho it was a Monday the traffic was reasonably light and we made good time.

After 96 miles we pulled into a truck stop in Cameron Missouri and added 58 gallons of diesel to the tank. We switched drivers and Bob pulled back on US 36 to cross I 35 and I 29. At St. Joseph Missouri we encountered some road "construction" that consisted of the right lane being closed and eight (that's right, eight!!) highway "workers" walking along the closed lane behind a dump truck. Two or three of them carried shovels that they pretended to use to move material from the truck to holes in the road. Eight???

Once past the "shovel ready" project we crossed the Missouri River into Kansas. Continuing west on US 36 we stopped at the Wal*Mart in Hiawatha Kansas for some shopping and lunch. It was another hot day so we had the generator running so we could use the air conditioning. Nice to sit for a spell so we spent an hour there before continuing on.

Back on US 36 after our break Bob continued west for another 35 miles to Seneca Kansas where we are currently parked in a nice full service RV park. We are getting some of our accumulated laundry washed and catching up on our computer chores (such as this Journal).

As stated above, we still have something just south of seven hundred miles to go to Rapid City. Our current plans are to arrive Thursday or Friday, so we expect we'll continue at this slower pace.

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