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wild flowers

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Unlike my working days, I really look forward to Mondays here. This is the day that we head off to points unknown (to us) for a bike ride. The rides are a bit slower than we normally ride and a bit shorter, but they take us to places around Tucson that we do not know about. Today's ride on the Julian Wash bike trail was one of my favorites. (A wash looks like a river bed, but it only has water briefly during the monsoon season). We hardly crossed any roads and the trail was well maintained so it was full steam ahead. Every so often we passed something interesting like the huge solar panel park. It would seem that solar panels would be an optimum choice around here, but our stay in Palm Springs last winter taught us that no matter what man does, he disturbs nature in some way. When this huge collection of panels, each as large as our house was built, bulldozers tamped down the desert soil, killed the animals living there, and made this spot unfit for future natural activity. Even clean energy has a price.

This is the first time we have seen quantities of spring flowers blooming, 4 - 6 weeks early from what we've heard on TV. The warm temperatures have gotten them going. For us it feels like summer is here. The Julian Wash trail had picnic tables, places to get drinking water, and outdoor art here and there. For most folks today's ride ended with a eating opportunity at a truck stop, but we drove back toward town.

There are some large RV dealers around here and they have open houses and lure cheap people like us with free food. Last week we had a BBQ lunch courtesy of La Mesa RV and today after the bike ride we stopped at Lazy Days for wood smoked hot dogs. To earn our free meals we wander around and look at the rigs on display. While we really have not seen any rigs we like better than our own, this is partially because we have spent lots of time and $$$ customizing it to make it just the way we like. But our motor home is rapidly approaching its tenth birthday and we begin to wonder if it will continue to be a reliable ride or if large repair bills are in our future. We aren't getting any younger either and we wonder how many years of this life style we can look forward to. Maybe it's not worth it to buy a newer rig. As we ponder these questions, the free lunch begins to lie heavy in our stomachs.

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