2013 Wild Western Tour travel blog

Today's Route

Giant Cross along I40

Mumvee Avenger w/Stinger Anti-aircraft missile tubes

TVA coal plant supplying electricty to Tennessee

"Horny" Harley rider

Mexican motorcycle club - Jackets say Guadalajara Mexico

Winnie at Baileyton RV Park

Free meal tonight

Lane Motor Museum

Fire Chief's Car with 2 independent fronts - can drive both ways

1935 Mercedes 130H

My first car was a 1959 VW - this one's a '56

This VW had AC, I wish mine did

I saw this Sam Posey Can-Am car at Amelia Island this spring

1964 Amphicar

1961 "Von Dutch" Rocket Car Harley powered and made for movies, but...

Real 1967 Morris Mini station wagon

Micro 1940 American Bantam Roadster - Bantam made the prototype Jeep prior...

Other microcars from around the world

Three wheel cars

More three wheel cars

1950 Peel P50 - No reverse in transmission so they used a...

Steam powered mini-bus

1948 Berger Rocket Car- Driven by the inventors young daughter

1959 US Army LARC-LX - Largest vehicle at Museum

1946 Hewson Rocket - Polished aluminum body designed to sell for $1,000

1948 Larmar - Designed to help womenshop and for handicapped - fits...

Odd cycles in the motorcycle exhibit

Propeller driven vehicles

"Old Orange" Museum owner's daily driver in the 90's

Jaguar E-type - Sue's college room mate had one that I drove...

License plate map

1969 Rapido folding travel trailer

Not much to report today as we pretty much kept to I40 until just east of Knoxville where we started our northward leg on I81. I needed to make a strategic decision today on direction because there’s a NASCAR race at Bristol and most of the camp grounds within easy driving distance of the track were full, requiring 3-day minimum stays, or jacked up their prices by a factor of 2 or 3. I could go further east on I40 toward Asheville and then head north through NC and Virginia sort of the same route we took this spring on the way home from Florida, or I could head north toward Cincinnati and Columbus and follow the route I took in June in reverse, or chance it and stick with I81 and hope for the best in finding a place to stay tonight. I decided to stay with I81 as it is the shortest route and was lucky enough to find the Baileyton RV Park and Willow View Cabins just southwest of the Kingsport-Bristol area. They didn’t have a minimum, were nice enough to charge me the regular rate for the night, and as a bonus had chili, baked potatoes and sweet corn as a treat for dinner. The food was good and free. You can’t beat free and good.

I sat down with an older couple from Memphis who was here for the race with their older son and his 2 daughters. They have been coming to this campground in March and August for the last 17 years for the races. The son lives in Virginia Beach and is a skate boarder and surfer. Not sure what he does for work, but got the feeling that he works at Norfolk Naval Base.

I’m posting the pictures from the Lane Motor Museum that I was too tired to prepare and post last night. Since we got in early I should be able to get to bed early tonight.

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