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We have been making plans to meet up with our friends, Bruce & Susan in Nebraska, so we are off today heading eastbound.

We decided to drive as far as Rawlins, Wyoming, about half way across the state along Interstate 80. At first we were climbing in altitude, then it settled into low rolling hills. Some of this area we had already driven through on our way up to Gillette.

There was a lot of work on the railroad running along the side of the interstate, lots of equipment and manpower. It went on for miles and miles. The railroad is still very important, especially out here for their coal trains.

After settling into our campsite we went to (you guessed it) the Rawlins Elks Lodge. It was downtown in its original circa 1900 building. As we visit lodges, Cheryl asks for a lodge pin. Sometimes they will swap one of theirs for yours, sometimes just give you one, others we have to buy. So far this year, Rawlins Elks Lodge is Cheryl’s favorite pin. Instead of having a symbol of an Elk on the pin, it is a Pronghorn (or as they were called in the 1800’s, antelope) which we have seen out on the hills along the highway.

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