Europe 2013-Citizens of the Republic of Ushington visit England, France and Spain travel blog

Here we wait in the lounge at Heathrow until it is time to board our fight home.

As my last trip journal entry, I thought I would supply some statistics. They are in no particular order of importance or interest, but just as I thought them up.

1. Number of nights I didn’t sleep in my own bed - 36

2. Number of different beds slept in – 12

3. Number of towns/cities visited - 24

4. Number of churches/cathedrals/ synagogues visited (either inside/outside or both) - 13

5. Number of museums visited - 14

6. Number of guides hired - 13

7. Number of days I wore my pedometer - 33

8. Total number of steps – 330,331

9. Highest number of steps in a day-18879 in Bath

10. Lowest number of steps in a day – 1284 – train trip to Paris and 4 hour car ride to Normandy

11. Average number of steps – 10,010

12. Average number of steps excluding outliers (for the statisticians)- 10,614

13. Number of train rides - 14

14. Number of plane rides- 7

15. Number of km driven in the rental car (thanks, Graham) – 2300

16. Number of stairs climbed-a million at least

17. Number of pictures taken – about 1,000

18. Best tasting food bite-the smoked cod pintxos at Bar Zeruko in San Sebastian

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