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fort now museum

pete overlooking city

looking down on the city of Salon

maidenhair fern 'tree'

Mike dropped Pete and me off in Salon de Provence. Seems to be the biggest town around here. We had gone there yesterday and decided the narrow streets of the old part of town were worth a further explore. So we wandered up and down and around.

The highest point of the city is an old fort, some of it I think from Roman times, which for years had been a military base. It now houses an army museum and in another section a music academy. The views from the top were good.

In our wanderings we found lots of 'squares' were there were little markets/fetes; and parks with fountains.

Like the locals we had a very long lunch, again there was a choice from a range of interesting salads. The dressing is always oil, but the ingredients are fresh and interesting.

Nearby was a very curious fountain which we inspected closely.

This fountain has apparently been there for years. Our theory is that it has built up like stalactites, with the dripping water building up rounded formations on the underside. The maidenhair fern was on the outside, but underneath was green moss.

No one ever asks you to move on, even if there is a crowd and you have been sitting taking up space for ages. But eventually we moved ourselves on and checked out more side streets. Came around the corner of one of these and came across Mike and Yve sitting in a restaurant! So we stopped chatted had a coffee and headed home buying apricots, cherries and a melon on the way home.

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