Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Our campsite at Small Country Campground

A small town in Maryland

I don't like piers. Let's get off of here!

He's tucked way down there in the woods.

Boy, these one-night stops can get a little tiring after a bit but we're due to meet up with my brother and wife, Chip and Bonnie, in Selma, North Carolina the 14th or 15th so we must be like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland and hurry!

We're staying at the Small Country Campground again since it's the only one still open at this time of year along our drive south. As we get further south, we won't have this problem.

It's interesting to see the price of diesel get lower and lower (but not yet low enough!) the further south we drive. Into Maryland around 10:15 and continued on into Virginia at 11:00. Finally into the campground by 1:30. Bob and Taco took a walk down by the lake while Nellie and I just stayed around the trailer. She likes to get out and "go for a walk", too, but her idea of walking is walk 3 steps then stop and look all around, walk another 3 steps, stop...and so it goes. It's such fun trying to walk both of them at the same time...Taco wants to go one way; she goes another...and there I am, in the middle with arms stretched out to either side as far as they'll go.

On to Selma, NC tomorrow where we'll meet Chip and Bonnie and visit with his one daughter, Mendy.

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