From Dervishes to Samba - Fall 2011 travel blog

As usual, the things within our control went smoothly. We rented a car at the tiny aviation school airport nearby, loaded it up and drove to O'Hare on a cold, rainy day that did not entice us to stay home. The time to board the plane came and went and no plane. Eventually a Teutonic tinged voice came on the PA and announced that our Lufthansa plane had mechanical issues. Everyone around us groaned quietly. After about half an hour she came back on to clarify that the tow bar that gets attached to the plane's nose when it is moved around on the ground was stuck and five United mechanics were working hard to get it off. Finally we took off an hour and a half late, wondering if this would give us enough time in Frankfurt to catch the flight to Istanbul and whether the luggage would make the transfer as well.

Trying to stifle those worried thoughts we settled back to enjoy good seat side entertainment choices, dinner and breakfast. We also enjoyed out seats in the very back of the plane where is began to taper and the sets of three seats side by side only had room for two. We both had room to stretch our legs and try to catch a few z'z'z's. That's about all we could ask for.

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