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Susan and Tim at Fortress of Louisbourg

Our Wonderful Tour Guide

The Period Actors Coming Up the Main Street

Local Children Also Are Period Actors

A Public Punishment--He Got Off Easy

Inside One of the Homes

The Dining Area in a Home

Dancing the Marinet

Michael and Tim Take a Break

Looking Down One of the Streets

The Main Street

King's Bastion Barrach

Looking Toward the Officer's Quarters

The Soldiers Chapel

Looking Toward the Soldier's Quarters

The Soldiers Bunks--3 to a Bunk

Musket Firing at the Bastion

A Garden Behind a Home

Inside a Storage Building

Another View of the Storage Building

The Sea Fog Is Coming In

The Louisbourg Lighthouse

Today we drove over to Fortress of Louisbourg National Historical Site that is on the east coast of the island. When we arrived around 1 PM the sea fog was coming and going with cool temperatures. So we took our windbreaker and long sleeved shirts. Fortress of Louisbourg is a recreated 17th century French fort on Cape Breton. The French built and held the fort from 1714 to 1758. It was the largest and busiest seaport in North America because of it location that was near the cod fishing grounds and about 2400 miles from France. A sailing vessel could make the trip in about 6 weeks. The British captured the Fortress in 1745 and again in 1758. After it was captured in 1758, the British leveled the buildings and fortress to prevent the French from using it again. Also it allowed the British to capture Quebec City and Montreal--that resulted in the British taking French Canada. This was a few years before the US Revolution and fits into the history we learn in the US about the Revolution. The Canadian Government decided in 1962 to rebuild the Fortress because they had detail plans of what it looked like in the 1700's and the local coal miners did not have any work. So, for $25 million the Fortress was rebuilt. The photos show the extensive buildings that were built. The site is still be searched by archaeologists. It was a great day with cool temperatures and no rain.

After the Fortress, we drove over to the first lighthouse in North America--the photo shows the sea fog that was coming in.

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