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Our campsite

A View of the mountain and river across the highway from the...

A view of the late afternoon sky from behind our campsite.

The entrance to Ami's Acres

I'm glad to report that we were not awakened by a thunder storm. We just woke up when we were ready. Had breakfast and then broke camp to head to Colorado.

We left around 10:00 (I can't remember whether that was when we left the campsite or the gas station).

The scenery was more of the same. In fact, at one point, Suzi said, "I just wish I could see some mountains". I said, "Don't worry. You'll see plenty of mountains. Colorado is almost all mountains". And, then, we were in Colorado and nothing much had changed. We did finally get to the point where there were some rolling hills as we rolled down Colorado Route 76. Eventually, I was able to point out to her some mountains off in the distance. Of course, eventually we had plenty of mountains. We made it into Denver and found all kinds of traffic. I don't know what John Denver would have sung about if he had been in this mess.

We switched over to I-70 and headed for the last 100 or so miles to Ami's Acres. The mountains throughout this area are beautiful. Of course, they are also high and our motor home isn't quite used to these altitudes. We were often over in the truck lane, chugging along among the 18-wheelers with our four-way flashers operating. Our highest pass was 10,750 feet. We spent lots of time along the Colorado River and the scenery was beautiful. But, as they say, we hadn't seen nothing yet. We finally got to the Glenwood Canyon...and, it is spectacular. Ami's Acres is in the Glenwood Canyon area and overlooks the Colorado River. The campground is interesting. The spaces are terraced and prettily tightly packed. But the beauty of the surrounding area makes up for the crowded quarters.

We had one of our traditional camping meals for dinner...Dinty Moore Beef Stew...quick and tasty. Then we watched the video, "Beaches". We finished that up about the time I finished this journal entry.

We leave in the morning for Moab where we will be at the Riverside Oasis Campground. We are looking forward to exploring the area and hope the weather cooperates.

See you tomorrow.

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