2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

Today was a very special birthday for Beth. I won't tell you the year, most of you know it already! About a week after my birthday last year I found out I had cancer. It was a very rough year but I made it through it with lots of support from family and friends.

I'm very happy to be able to celebrate this birthday and many birthdays to come!

We spent most of the day driving. The distance from Grand Rivers to Chattanooga isn't that far but we didn't take into consideration weather and mountains when we decided to stop at a Publix to get groceries for the rest of the trip. I was so excited to see a Publix again! They even had Duke's mayonnaise buy one get one free! You can't get Dukes except in the south. After getting groceries we drove through rain and hail to get to Chattanooga, Tennessee. We also drove for several miles on a steep, downhill grade between Nashville and Chattanooga. We forgot that we would be going back into Eastern time so we ended up driving through the city on I-24 during rush hour. The traffic was slowed to a crawl but we arrived at the campground in time to have a glass of wine before going to dinner.

I wanted southern barbeque. We haven't had that since we left home. We went to the Rib and Loin and had the rib special. YUM! We passed a Krispy Kreme - haven't seen those in a long time either!

You know you are close to home when you shop at Publix, buy Duke's, eat barbeque, and spy a Krispy Kreme!

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