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July 30 – Day 39 Rabbit Blanket to Pancake Bay

K’s 123.46 k

Time 5h 52m

Average speed: 21.05k/H

T to d 4068k

A very hard day’s ride with cooking duty at the end. Lots of Canadian Shields finest hills on route that made you sweat and burn up lots of calories. A bit frustrating as we arrived at camp to fine that we were at the very back of a very large camp, up a steep hill and at a site that did not have a water outlet that was close at hand. This is a major issue when cooking for 40 very hungry cyclists. Thanks to a very friendly plumber, who worked at the camp, a special water supply was found were we could hook up our hose, the supply issue was solved. The unfortunate part was that I did the arranging as the support staff did not see the issue, but of course they don’t have to pack the water. This became a bigger issue when reported to the TDC head office who made a big thing out of it, for not real reason that I could see, except I got it done and the staff didn’t get permission for their bosses. Oh well better to beg for forgiveness and get the job done, than ask for permission when you know the answer is no!

After helping with dinner and clean up one tired puppy headed for a long drink of my favorite elixir and off to bed for a great sleep and up early to help with breakfast. All in all a good camp with a great staff and even if we pissed off the tour owners that was a small price to pay.

Note we are now well into the second half of the tour with 4068 official k’s in the bag. Total k’s to date including the Victoria side trip are 4353!

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