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entrance to the Walkway from Poughkeepsie

downtown Poughkeepsie

blue crabs in the Hudson!

Amtrak and northernmost point for Metro North

at the halfway point, the flag flies strong

just some trivia to note

modern day business traffic up the Hudson

the western shore of the Hudson across from Poughkeepsie

birds eye view of barge and tugboat

historic building with the Fishkill River roaring by it

the restaurant we love

is called the Eggs Nest

the restaurant's namesake is on display

far end is women's room - open door by pulling scarves!

dining on the porch gives you this decor

formal dining room

My sister, Dot, her husband, Jed, my mom, and I went down to Poughkeepsie in order to walk the new bridge over the Hudson River. Actually, the bridge isn't new; it used to be a railroad bridge that has been converted into a walking and biking trail. there are signs along the way that tell of the history of the area, importance of the bridge and how it was built, birds and fish found near here, as well as how the bridge was converted into this nice walkway.

The day was beautiful and it was getting hot as we finished our walk back. Dot was driving this fine day, and she took us back over the west side of the Hudson to a favorite restaurant in High Falls called "The Eggs Nest". The decor is eclectic to say the least but it has been "weeded" out since the last time we were here. The food, especially the quiche, is great. Dad might have been the one to find this and even he liked to come here.

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