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Good Morning.

After my activities on Monday – I was a bit pooped on Tuesday. That seems to be the way this crud had been going. At least it is a full day now. It started off with one good hour and feeling lousy for the next hour – they half days and now full days. I'm hoping soon it will be good for several days and rest up for an hour.

I can sure tell spring is coming to the desert. We have had 2 weekends of about ½ inch of rain each weekend. Wednesday on our way to Salome the desert is showing that little green haze that shows that the plants are greening up. As I walk in our lot – I'm finding teeny tiny little plants popping up between the stones. The weather has been warm and not windy and that is the best kind of spring.

You can see it in the birds, too. My perch now is the passenger seat of the MH with the big windshield facing east. I look over our back wall toward the Harcavar Mountains just east of us. My pretty little palo verde tree and the neighbor's eucalyptus trees are in front of me. These trees and the wall are the favorite sunning places for the many birds we have attracted. My hummers seem to like the branches of the palo verde tree to rest in, as do the sparrows and finches. I can see that the male birds are starting to get their breeding colors. The male house finch is getting more and more red as the days advance. He is fulfilling his description of “a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice” that delighted me when I first looked him up in the bird book years ago.

We also have ring necked doves that like the back wall and the roof of our shed. They are called mourning doves back home for their moan-y cry. Their cry is very loud and seems to go on forever when they are mating.

Some of the flowers are coming out now. I have ice plant and an unknown name of ground cover around the palm tree. The ice plant has come up from seed from the plants that died 2 summers ago. They have bright yellow, daisy-like flowers that last about 2 days before they turn orange and go to seed. I asked for a was given a 2 foot long piece of the ground cover last winter. It has now almost covered the entire ring around the palm tree. It has bright purple flowers that I saw start coming out yesterday. My rosemary plant is also blooming. It has light lavender flowers along the stem.

So, I'm finally feeling better, the birds are doing their thing and the desert is starting to bloom. What else could we want. Well Sunday, along with two other couples, we will head to Yuma and the Gypsy Journal Rally. It should be a fun week of seeing old friends, attending workshops and going out to eat. How could this not be fun??

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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