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Basic pix of the everglade style grass lands - or marshes.

Canal pix #1.

Canal pix #2.

Canal pix #3. I know this all looks the same, but it's...

Canal pix #4. shows proximity of road to canal.

Canal pix #5. Interesting blooms in trees.

Canal pix #6. Close up of bloom - or whatever it is.

Canal pix #7. None were in full bloom.

Canal pix #8. Just more swamp.

Canal pix #9. The reflection was sort of cool.

Canal pix #10. This is what most of the tree canopy looked...

Canal pix #11. Shows the plants in the trees. If indeed they...

Bird on left is an Anhinga. He's just drying his wings -...

This is the spot where all the bird and gator pictures were...

Unless there is something special about a pix, many will remain unlabeled,...

Shows proximity of where we were standing in relation to bank area...

Gator gathering. Notice the Grey Heron towards left third of photo.

Smile for the camera!

I believe this is the Snowy Egret, due to darker beak than...


Anhinga showing off again.

Baby gator. Or maybe a teenager.

Grey Heron.


Great Egret (or sometimes referred to as the White Egret). Notice different...



Keeping cool.


Shows a little of the ecosystem beyond the canal.


This is the White Ibis.


Snowy Egret on left, White Ibis on right.

White Ibis.




Grey Heron.

Little fishes next to bank below where I was standing.

Snowy Egret looking for lunch.


Ah, I think I saw something.



White Ibis going after something.


White Ibis. Notice water droplet on end of beak.

White Ibis and Snowy Egret.

Snowy Egret.



Rather bright eyes on this Snowy Egret.



Grey Heron method of fishing.

Close up of Grey Heron.

Nice profile.

Snowy Egret with his feathers ruffled.

Alligator and Grey Heron co-habitating.




Evil eye.


Two gators sharing a moment.

Okay. When a gators mouth is closed, you can only see the...

These are all gators. Crocs are only found in southern tip of...


This is the guy that was heading for me. I hope he...


Oh good, at least he lost the stick.

The shrubbery is right next to me.




The little guy again.

Looks comfortable doesn't he??

How'd you like to meet that in a dark alley!

Snowy Egret and Great Egret.


Just try and get away!!


Ah, the lazy days of winter.

Anhinga with his catch.


Swamp ecosystem on western edge of Preserve.



A trip through the Everglades.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures. Yes, I got carried away, but what the heck. Just be thankful I didn’t post ALL of them.

The route I took from Miami took me across Hwy 41 towards Naples. This route parallels the popular and more well know “Alligator Alley” a bit further north. Kyle had suggested Hwy 41 – otherwise known as the “Tamiami Trail” - due to the opportunity of seeing wildlife – specifically ‘gators.

From the web: “The Tamiami Trail is the beauty and the beast of Florida roads, a highway-time machine that passes through a paradise of primeval forests and toothy animals as well as canyons of strip-shopping malls and heart-stopping traffic. The Trail, which is the last 275 miles of highway US 41, connects Tampa with Miami.”

So, this section of hwy 41 also passes through the Big Cypress National Preserve, which seems to essentially be an extension of the Everglades National Park to the south.

All of the gator and bird pictures were taken within a stretch of only about 200 feet, which was near the Gallery. Some of the canal/vegetation pictures were taken prior to reaching the above spot, and simply shows how close the canal is to the roadway – as well as how close WE were to the critters.

Again, most of the gators were just lounging around on the bank, paying no attention to the birds that were just a few feet away. Once in awhile one of the birds would take a dive into the water for a meal, so there wasn’t a lot of activity otherwise.

A couple of the gator pictures looking straight on, was taken of a gator that was about 6 feet long, and swimming slowly towards me. Even though there was a guard rail between me and him, I didn’t stick around to see how fast he was! I have to say though, he only started moving towards me after I kneeled down to steady my hands on the guard rail post. Sort of gives you a feeling of being stalked.

The pictures of what looks like grass land with some trees beyond, were towards the end of the highway, as it approached Naples. We had to slow down for some line painting equipment, so gave me an opportunity to get a couple shots off through the passenger window. Otherwise, there really wasn’t any place to pull over.

There were also a number of everglade boat ride businesses along this route, and even a couple campgrounds. There is also a visitor center along this stretch, with a small boardwalk along the canal. I’d already seen and done that, so skipped it.

Weather wise, it was warm – in the low to mid 80’s the entire day. A bit toasty for us coasties.

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I didn’t take in either more of the everglades, or the Keys while in the vicinity. For what it’s worth, my primary reason for being in this neck of the woods was to catch the shuttle launch, which, at the time of this writing, is still in it’s final countdown for Thursday, the 24th, at 4:50 p.m. So, I wanted to get back to make sure I was prepared and wouldn’t miss the launch, and didn’t feel I could do the Keys justice with a quick drive through. So will catch them another day. To quote one of my travel books – “When you first start out, don’t feel like you have to see everything on the first trip. It will always be there”.

Oh, almost forgot. As I was driving along, a car swerved in front of me to avoid what looked like some debris in the road. When I got up to that spot, it was actually a turtle crossing the road. He was about 10-12 inches across. That happened twice.

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