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The Sea Otters

Life of a Sea Otter!

In the Shark Tunnel

Sea Nettles--Look Beautiful

Puffins in the Aquarium

At the Hatfield Marine Science Center

An Exhibit in the Hatfield Marine Science Center

Cormarants at Yaquina Head State Park

A Pelican and other Sea Birds

The Yaquina Bay State Park Lighthouse

Looking North To Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Susan with the Lava Rocks

A Star Fish in the Tide Pool

This Is the Tide Pool Area

Green Anemones

Sunset at Newport

A Sunset View

Later in the Sunset

The Newport Bridge at Sunset

We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center. The Aquarium had many interesting displays and animals. The sea otters were a big favorite. The sea nettles were really beautiful but I have to believe they are dangerous. We learned about tide pools and the anemone and star fish that live in the pools. The Hatfield Marine Science Center is a wonder surprise. The displays were done very well and explained the marine science work that is being done at the center. We finished this just after lunch and decided to go on a microbrewery tour that is done at the Rogue Brewery. The tour was interesting because the brewery was brewing beer in small batches. Susan liked our tour guide because he was a cute guy! We then had a early dinner so we could see the tide pools at Yaquina Head Lighthouse. The tide pools were very interesting with anemone and starfish in many pools. The small black rocks on the beach were formed when hot lava hit cold sea water. The photo showed these rocks. After that, we drove over to a local spot to watch the sunset--but the wind was really COLD! We got some great photos and enjoyed the day at Newport.

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