Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

There was so much water run off from the snow

Entering one of the tunnels

Remains of the mountain snow, the road was not open until the...

This is alot of snow for people who live in the south

More snow, and Earl and Louie

This little guy was not afraid of people

Gray day but beautiful mountains

Look carefully at the line of cars waiting to pass construction workers

Spotted this lonely mountain goat

Tight little roads and alot of cars, glad we were on the...

Cannot even imagine the traffic if it has not been raining

Wonderful waterfalls

Coming down right beside of the road

Sitting in traffic these 2 guys were out of their car BORED

This is the start of the weeping wall which comes out into...

Dirty snow

Driving thru the waterfalls, was awesome when we did it in the...

Still driving thru the weeping wall

You can see by the water why there is so much road...

Mountains and Mountains

This guy was screaming at us while we took his picture, but...

Could not believe we were so close to this guy

He was done with us and moving on

Today was a drive into Glacier National Park. We were here in 2005, and had one of the best times, the weather was perfect and the sky was so blue, we still towed our Sebring convertible and made such memories. This time is was raining, gray sky, and alot of road work. So glad we knew how beautiful it could be.

After driving thru the park we stopped in East Glacier and had lunch before startin home, and on the way saw alot of people out of their cars, pulled over and got out and YES it was a Grizzley Bear. Kept telling myself we are not suppose to get out of the car but there were so many people out of the car, it seemed there was alot of people to eat before they got to me. This is the only bear we have seen and very cool it was a grizzely.

Good day spent with friends enjoying one of our wonderful national parks.

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