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Short drive over to Port Orange near Daytona

Sorry this is blurry, but these are Little Blue Herons

Daytona Beach is still active mid week, look a Parasail

The reddish sand is the Cocuina in the sand, and there were...

There was also a beach vendor with sluchies and water

Nearby on the Daytona Pier, Bungee and amusement rides

After a short period when they were removed, the rides are back...

John D Rockefeller home from 1917 to 1937, restored afar a period...

Photo from the good times

Bad shape

Dining room in good times

Dining Room before restoration.

Dining Room restored, set up today for a meeting.

Before renovations, the balcony

In the center of the octagonal living room is an octagonal balcony...

The piano's story

The Steinway that no one plays

A quilt of the Ormond Beach area displayed in the foyer

Ornate stairwell

Looking down from the 2nd floor.

The third floor balcony and the skylight

The 3rd floor houses a collection of Hungarian costumes

Wedding attire, beaded and embroirdered

Bottom of the bride's dress

Bottom of the grooms attire

An ornate beaded headdress

Pink Bougainvillea

Crossing the intercoastal waterway

Driving along the "Loop"

Canals in the marshlands of the "Loop"

The center of the "Loop"

Grasses of the marshlands

Fairchild Oak - very large & very old

Several hundred years old

It's branches drop to the ground and drop roots and grow upward...

It has lost a few limbs

Ferns and Spanish Moss on the Oak

Ferns growing on a rock

Hiding in the shadows

Then he came out in the open

Isn't he cute?

A 1915 coquina house

Land Sales office

Close up of the coquina rock used to build this old house

The hearth inside

Hiking trail

first down the steps

Information on a seepage stream

Seepage Stream

Information on the Sabal Palms

Sabal Palm

Information on the Southern Red Cedar.

Southern Red Cedar

The Cedars support other life

Our pretty drive throught tha canopy of trees on the "Loop"

More marshes

Osprey flying overhead and landing on the light poles in Wal-Mart

Close by was a mamma & chick Osprey in a nest on...

This is heavenly - product of Holland - look for it, ask...

Our friends Mike & Patti Weber of Port Orange.

It was a very short drive over to Port Orange. After setting up, our friends Mike & Patti came to pick us up. We went to their favorite beach view bar/restaurant for lunch. It was overcast and even drizzled a little but that didn’t stop the Daytona Beach crowd. The beach was very active with bathers, bike riders, swimmers & volleyball players. There was even a parasail boat that went by, and a funny little truck that was a vendor with water and slushies. We check out the newly renovated Daytona Pier with amusement rides and a bungee ride.

Then they took us to see J.D. Rockefeller’s home from 1917 to 1937 when he died. The house had been abandoned and deteriorated for a while until someone came in and fixed it up. It is called “The Casements” after the type of windows in the house. It is now used as a community building for meetings and displays as any group in the community can use the rooms. There is a display on the third floor of Boy Scouts around the USA, and a woman with a huge Hungarian Costume collection need a space to store & display some of her items. Patti & I loved that display especially because of all the intricate beading and stitches.

And if that wasn’t enough touring, they took us on a drive that was popular with Patti in her high school days called “the Loop”. It was a drive around a marsh that was lined with a canopy of trees and culminated at a park with a REALLY old Oak tree and a walking trail into the jungle like growth. We were startled by a large bird that flew low past us in the trees and were not sure what it was. Larry thought it was an owl, but after much patience and many snaps of the digital camera, Larry finally caught him. Still unsure what he was, he had dark and white on his back and stripes on his tail as he flew, but he was yellow front and the cutest face. I think maybe a hawk.

We enjoyed dinner and catching up with Patti & Mike at their house for two evenings and they brought out some yummy drink for us to try, ChocoVine, a product of Holland. It you find it – get it, I did the next day.

When I went to pick up a few things at Wal-Mart I was amazed to hear and then see Ofsprey in the parking lot. One was flying around and landing on one light pole and the next one over had nesting material (including Spanish Moss) hanging from the light. On closer inspection, I found Mamma and Chick. The customers of Wal-Mart must have thought I was nuts snappy photos of them.

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