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garden entrance to our rooom

We're facing a bodacious flight tonight - 12+ hours if we've figured it out correctly. So this is a day to take it easy, do the laundry and quit running around. There's a light overcast for the first time since we've arrived in Los Angeles. The weather forecasters are talking excitedly about a 10% chance of rain. Sigh... Being a meteorologist here must be a boring job.

We’ve rented a van from a private company rather than a Hertz or Avis. This has turned our to be a real convenience. They picked us up in the van we rented, we loaded the luggage once and now the same thing has happened in reverse. Traveling light is not in our vocabulary and for a three month trip, the bags are pretty darn full.

However, when we got to the airport we saw travelers taking advantage of the 70 pound international travel rule which is due to change to fifty pounds while we are underway unfortunately. Ken’s theory is to travel midweek when the plane is not so crowded, but we are flying at the end of vacation time for Down Under and the plane is totally full. However, the Qantas staff do the best they can to keep us comfy, distributing packets with blankets, pillows, headphones for the video on demand at each seat, booties, toothbrushes, etc. Just like flying used to be in the US in the good old days. We are served a hot meal after take off and a hot breakfast before we land. Take off is delayed by someone having a medical emergency. It takes time to locate their luggage in the hold and take it back off again. In the good old days I might have felt annoyed at the late start; now I’m just glad it isn’t one of us. The flight take over twelve hours, time enough to get a good night’s sleep. However, those seats just aren't very bedlike..

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