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Denali NP - Riley Creek Campground - Bear Loop Site 22

Denali NP - Riley Creek Campground - Bear Loop Site 22, another...

We drove back out to Riley Creek Campground, near the park entrance, this morning and were able to get the site we had decided we wanted if we could get it the other day. It is a very large site as you can see in the pictures. It’s cool so we don’t need the shade, especially since we will only be here one night. After getting camp set up we went into the little village about a mile outside the park and had lunch at Subway’s, bought a few clothes we couldn’t resist and dropped Misty off for her white-water rafting trip. It is supposed to have class III and IV rapids so she should have a good time! We then came back into the park and topped off the larder for our trip deep into the park for the next four days. Once you go into that campground, you can’t come back out until your campground stay is complete.

We picked a damp and cold Misty back up about four hours later. She said she had a good time coming down the Nanana River which is fed by the Nanana Glacier and the water is a steady 36 degrees. We will dump and refill the water tank tonight after our showers so that we can avoid the logjam at the dump site tomorrow morning before we head in to Teklanika Campground. I will not be able to add our blog for the campground until we reach Fairbanks on Tuesday the 21st.

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