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Khao Sok - limestone cliffs

Khao Sok - morning hike in jungle

Khao Sok - baby toad

Khao Sok - chameleon

Khao Sok - our jungle hut

Khao Sok - our tree frog at our jungle hut

Khao Sok - view waiting for the bus

A 2 hour bus ride from Khao Lak, Khao Sok National Park is a different world entirely. A large, primary rain forest (reputed to be older than the Amazon or Congo) covering limestone mountains, it was not any cooler at only 1000 feet, but was teeming with wildlife, big and small.

Wanting to experience the jungle and increase our sightings of critters, we stayed in bamboo bungalows located at the edge of a river edged by spectacular limestone cliffs. From our hut we saw monkeys, tree frogs and could hear the crazy, loud din of insects that sounded like buzz saws as well as loads of cicadas. With a great mosquito net, we enjoyed some excellent sleep and relaxation during our time here.

One of the days we hired a guide to walk with us in the jungle, believing we would have a much greater chance of spotting creatures. He met us early in the morning at our guesthouse, and proving that we've been in Southeast Asia for several months, we didn't think twice when he invited us to ride with him on his scooter, sans helmets, to the gate of the nearby National Park. So off we went, three of us squashed together on his scooter, to do our walk. Had some excellent monkey sightings (long tailed macats and langurs), but the gibbons eluded us (though we could hear them mocking us from nearby trees). Also had the chance to see gliding lizards, chameleons, some strange and large beetles, a toad and beautiful moths/butterflies, as well as the incredibly dense forest.

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