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The lure of Yellowstone NP is hard to resist. Once again, here we are. Fortunately for us, there were areas we had not yet seen. Spring features newborns, adult animals coming out of the winter doldrums searching for a good meal, and water falls full and mighty as a result of snow melt. We got up at 5:30AM so as not to miss the activity. There were animals galore-elk, bison, and prong horns in the wild. Hunger was the driving force behind the animal activity. Incidentally, the professional wildlife photographers were out in full force, also. The second thrilling adventure was a trip to the Discovery Center-an environment for animals unable to return to the wild. This center gives a home to bears and wolves. They have been humanized, the mother shot by a land owner, released from rehab but unable to survive on the land. The staff members have a variety of backgrounds-zoology, history/philosophy, biology, etc. There is no human interaction in order for the animals to maintain their natural instincts. One of the special programs of the day was the raptor program. I wish I could convey everything we absorbed. There are very strict guidelines for the public to follow. The staff interacts with the guests relaying information along with the many indoor interactive displays they have. Basically, the animals are rotated out of public display to maintain living habits. There are two wolf packs and six bears. Let me just share one way the staff maintains a more natural habitat for the wolves...the scent in the "yard" is changed daily to maintain their curiosity. This could be hand lotion, rosemary, pepper,etc. Your just gonna have to see for yourselves. As of this writing we do NOT know where we are going next! You'll be surprised along with us.

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