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Silver Birch trees change their colors on Wasatch Plateau in Mid-central Utah

East of the Wasatch Plateau is mountainous

The Wasatch Mountains dominate the western sky.

the valley below

The skline drive brought us to an elevation of 10,300 feet.

So there we were, at 11,000 feet.......


Does Serta's ad agency know about this?

Some were dark, some were light with white faces, but the young...

We travelled south from Wells, through Nevada and across the Great Salt Lake Desert. We passed the Bonneville Salt Flats, an awesome sight. The land is so flat, the sand so white because of the salt, the mountains so stark in the distance, that you just had to be there to appreciate something so vast and different. Over the Newfoundland Mountains, lodged between the Wasatch Mountains and the Wasatch Plateau and south a ways is the city of Mount Pleasant, where there is not only a couple of traffic lights, gas stations and a supermarket, but also a decent pizza place!

Driving around, we noticed some sure signs of the change of season.

We drove along the Wasatch Plateau and took some pictures of the Wasatch mountains in the distance, yellow and orange sneaking into the green of the everpresent pines.

We found lots of birch trees, a mule deer, and some suspicious-looking white animals. After I took their picture, I realized that domestic sheep are probably quite accustomed to humans, and that's why they posed so sweetly. Please humor me and laugh when you see their picture; I honestly thought I had finally caught a glimpse of some mountain goats.

The next day, we caught another nice landscape and more sheep than we could count.

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