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We arrived in Guanajuato (this was only about 180 miles, so it only took us about 6 hours), again without major incident, although there were several times in towns that were somewhat stressful as the group got separated by traffic lights and just plain traffic, but we finally all ended up at the same place. We are staying at an actual RV Park, with a sewer system (although the runoff from the place where you dump your waste tanks looks supiciously like what is going in) and water, but no electricity. We are learning the mysteries of boondocking - living without power, running a generator, and using our fresh water tank for water. Although we've learned that even a comparatively large amount of bleach in the freshwater tank doesn't make it completely safe, we're learning to cope. We have a monster generator that makes lots of noise, but allows Margaret to use her hair dryer, which is major.

We elected to skip our first day's organized tour (to Leon, a town that specializes in leather goods - we don't need any more shoes or purses) in favor of staying back at the campground, thoroughly cleaning the RV, learning to use the generator, and maybe doing some shopping. ; Blane and Sharon, who had also elected to stay behind, borrowed a truck and we went in to a Mega mall, with a grocery store that is the equal of any in the states and better than many. We stocked up on wine, tequila, margarita mix and, oh yeah, some food. We managed to find our way there without any problem, although getting back was a small adventure. However everything worked out OK and we got back just in time to hear about the tour we had skipped.

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