Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Road to Milford

Road to Milford

Road to Milford - Falls Creek

Road to Milford - Falls Creek 2

Road to Milford

Hurry up and take the picture!

Paul in ice hole

Ice hole at Homers Tunnel

Water cascading down Homers Tunnel

On the way to Milford Sounds

Milford Sound views 1

Milford Sound views 2

Milford Sound views 3

Milford Sound views 4

Milford Sound views 5

Milford Sound views 6

Milford Sound views 7

Milford Sound views 8

Milford Sound views 9

Bowen Falls at Milford

The Elephant Mountain

Rainbow at Milford

"Bog off - I'm trying to sleep!"

Seals are just chillin' out for the afternoon

Sphinx and Elephant Mountain

Sphinx Mountain

Tideline at Milford where freshwater meets the sea

Milford Sounds

Southern Alps

After completing the walk to Key Summit we were back in the car to Milford. The road to Milford through the mountains had spectacular views in itself and was an amazing drive.

3/4 way to Milford you rise up to meet the Homer tunnel which has a 15 minute wait to enter due to the traffic light system. During this time we nipped into an ice tunnel, which has formed close to the man-made Homer Tunnel and managed to get some snaps.

As you go through the tunnel it is close to pitch black and the water from the mountainside runs through the tunnel ceiling and onto the car - a spooky feeling!

Homer Tunnel emerges into the Cleddau canyon on the side of Milford.

We had booked onto the 4.30pm trip onto Milford sound as we had been advised most of the days trips had finished by then and so it would be a lot more peaceful by then. It was good advice and barring a couple of other vessels we had the 22 km sound to ourselves.

It is dominated by sheer weather scuffed cliffs that surround the sound with the 1692 metres high mitre peak dominating the views.

The sound averages 6 metres of rain a year which provides spectacular waterfalls that cascade down the rocks - the previous day it had rained 21 cm in a 24 hour period and raised the level of the fresh water in the sound by 2 metres!!

We had planned to do the trip the day before but postponed it!

Due to the amount of water that falls into the sound it actually has a on average a 6 metre layer of freshwater that sits on top of the sea water that enters the sound.

As you reached the mouth of the sound and moved onto the Tasman Sea you can actually see where the freshwater meets the saltwater providing a tide line in the middle of the open water.

A trip well worth the wait.

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