FAMCAMP office, laundry, day room

our setup

Crow Crrek runs through the FAMCAMP, here is a beaver house a...



golfers have more to contend with than what meets the eye.

many resident antelope. they make themselves at home

spring finally came to the area.

officer housing, cool.

the next house you see was his.

Billy's house, now a family lives happily there.

as a historical base they have many displays like this.


and this wonderful one.


Sergeants row.

one of the many old cavalry horse barns, now used for other...

close up of the horse barn. they preserve the building when they...

Rebecca puts on Colorado stamp to the map

While Dave puts on the Wyoming stamp to the map

You can't get toooooo much cuter than that right outside our window....

Young women dedication

poem for the womens statue


Leon Foster died at the Grand Daddy of them all.

beginning of the boots all over town, they're 8 feet tall.







Dave has never been stationed here but wanted to visit for many years. The airbase is literally on one side of the Interstate 25 and the town is on the other. One of the first things we did was to ride on the Trolley. The driver/historian gave us such a wonderful history lesson we're immediatley impressed with Cheyenne as a town and Wyoming as a state. Many "firsts" were numerated, first town to have electric street lights, first state with the womens vote, and many more.

The airbase doesn't have an airfield, it's a missle base. Having about 200 missle silos and 20 missle command posts to monitor them. It's a busy base, helicopters fly overhead often. We were impressed with the restoration of the many many old buildings left over from the Army days when it was Fort D.A. Russell. General Billy Mitchell stayed here and crashed a plane at he Cheyenne airfield, nothing but his plane and pride was hurt. We had fun watching the resident antelope roam. And on stormy days we watched birds and squirrels out our windows.

The readers who have been with us for some time know we like towns that capitalize on a theme for their town. Cheyenne has a western theme, goes along with the "Grand Daddy of them all" rodeo and all that is Wyoming. You'll see pics of 8 foot tall boots, given to artisans to decorate, there are 14 of them around town.

One day we took a day trip over to the town of Laramie. We drove the back highway (210) over and back.

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